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Affordable Business Websites Design Donegal

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How do people see your business online?

Do you look Professional?
Can you be found on Page 1?
Get a Business Website

People start with a Google search before they buy anything. Your business needs to turn up when they do that search. And be on Page 1 to be considered.

Get a business website presence that helps you be as professional online as you are offline, to get the customers you really want..

Get the ideal size business website for your current needs and pay as you go. No contract – No risk – No Hosting fees – No hidden fees

Professional local website designers who guarantee results for businesses in Donegal
Free Hosting – Free initial SEO – FREE GMB – No Hidden fees

Mobile friendly – Google friendly  – SEO – Free Hosting – No hidden fees.

Business Website

Affordable Business Website design option that ranks well in search and outlines your offering. And it answers questions for visitors, before they ever get in touch with you to buy

Business Website Weekly €75 + vat 52 payments
€699 Set up fee

Our simple process – one simple step at a time

 Step 1
You contact us, we listen and do a basic affordable business website design proposal for you to approve

Step 2
We create a design mockup for your approval

Step 3
We gather your content written and photographic

Step 4
We develop the website for your approval

Step 5
We optimise the website to help it get found in search by the people you want

Step 6
We maintain the website for you to keep it secure and performing well

*Weekly package includes Hosting, SEO Search Engine Optimisation, Monthly Maintenance and Support.

Some recent Affordable Business Website designs in Donegal

Crawford Gallagher Solicitors

Moolicious Foods Ltd.

Donegal Valuations

Access Ireland

Still have questions? Many clients want more information. See our Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pay a small weekly payment for an affordable business website design?

Answer: Yes. From €49 a week for a Starter website to €75 for a bigger Business website.

We have a nominal initial set up fee of €499 for a small Starter website and €699 for a larger Business site, then the weekly fee kicks in and covers everything, the website plan, development, SEO, Technical Support and Hosting.

Normal purchase price outright for these packages are approximately €3250 and €5250 respectively

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Who owns the business website?

Answer: After 52 weekly payments you do.


What is the weekly payment?

Answer: From €49 euro a week for a Starter 5 page website to €75 for a bigger Business 10+ pages website

Do I have to sign a contract?

Answer: No.
There is no contract. You pay as long as you are happy that you are getting value. Walk away any time or own the website after one year – you are in control

Will my website rank on Page 1 on Google?

Answer: We hope so. Whilst we cannot guarantee Page 1, it is true that most of our websites do rank on Page 1 or 2. Some industries are more competive than others. And Google is forever changing its algorithms. But it is in our interests to ensure that you rank well. That way you get more business and are happy to pay weekly for the website. Your margin is our opportunity, so we want to increase your sales.

Is SEO included Search Engine Optimisation?

Answer: Yes.
We make all your website pages SEF or Search Engine Friendly. And we optimise for your keywords or key terms, based on the research we do on your behalf

Who does the software support and what does it cost?

Answer: We do for you. And it is included FREE for the year. This is worth up to €900 to you – nice bonus and peace of mind !

How long does it take to get a business website?

Answer: Within four weeks from the time you give us the content, written and photographic. We can build the website in one week, however it usually takes clients a few weeks to get their content organised.

What platform will be used for my business website?

Answer: WordPress. It powers 32% of all the websites in the world and over 70% of all business websites. If you just want a hobby website, you could use Wix or Weebly or Squarespace. These low entry platforms are easy to use, but have limitations and not really suitable for business. Learn more about WordPress.

What is WAAS (website as a service)?

Answer: WAAS or ‘website as a service’ is simply a pay as you go option. We offer it because some people do not want to invest a lot of money in a website, in the hope that it will work. Many have been burned with a bad website in the past. This way there is very little risk. If someone is not satisfied they can just walk away at any time, for any reason.
As long as you are happy with the results, you will be happy to pay the small weekly investment. It is down to us to ensure that you are kept happy.

Have you built many business websites before?

Answer: Yes.
Hundreds over 20 years. See our portfolio of happy clients with successful websites. And see loads of positive reviews too

It sounds too good - are there any hidden costs?

Answer: No.
Hosting is FREE for the full year.
Initial SEO is FREE.
Monthly maintenance is FREE for the year.
And you can do as many content updates as you like for FREE.
You buy your own domain name www.example.com for about 5 euros to €25 a year, so that it is in your own name, for your own sake.

At the end of 52 weeks you will have paid about the normal investment price, but without taking the risk of paying it all up front.
And you get Hosting, SEO and Maintenance included.
We get our price, but we have to earn it in your eyes, which keeps us sharp.
Our aim is to keep you as a client for longer than the initial year.

Why do I have to pay the €5 for the domain name?

Answer: Your domain name is like the deeds of your house, so it should be in your name and not in the website developers..
You buy your own domain name www.example.com for about €5 to €25 euros a year, so that it is in your own name, on your credit card, for your own sake. If you ever decide to leave us you own your own website domain name, so you are in control of it

Why do other web design agencies not rent websites?

Answer: It is hard to make a living off €49 a week. You would need a lot of websites built before it would pay all the team wages on a Friday. And clients could stop paying at any time, for any reason.

But gratefully, after 20 years we can afford to do a small number of websites this way. As long as the client stays at least a year then it all makes sense for them and us. We know we can add value to the clients we work with, so that ensures that the clients stay with us. This is why we offer WAAS – Website as a service. We will not offer this to someone unless we feel we can deliver good value and therefore hold on to the client for the long term.
Bottom line, if we do not add value and keep you happy, you walk and we lose. So most of the risk is on us.

Will you build a business website for anybody?

Answer: No.
We only work with clients where we feel we can add value for their business. We can afford to do a small number of websites this way. As long as the client stays at least a year then it all makes sense for them and us. We know we can add value to the clients we work with, so that ensures that the clients stay with us.

We do not do eCommerce websites for retail shops, as the market online is so competitive for most products. It is driven by the lowest price, which makes it very hard for small retailers to compete online.

We do not do porn sites, racist sites, political sites or anything that goes against our own moral code. We are not making judgements, we just choose projects that make us happy – simple.

When I have paid for a year, can I move my site to new hosting?

Answer: Yes.

And we will do it for you FREE of charge.
We even offer FREE advice on suitable Hosting, should you choose to move the website.


Is is cheaper to pay up front for the business website or pay weekly?

Answer: No.

Here are the figures for buying up front or paying weekly.

Business Website of 10 pages price approx €5250 or pay €699 up front and 52 weeks at €75 which is €3900 for a total of €4599.
Plus you get FREE Hosting worth €120 and Maintenance worth €900 included for the year.

Should we pay up front for the business website or pay weekly?

Answer: It is up to you.

For us it is better if clients pay up front.

For Clients, it is better to pay as you go and reduce any potential risk on your part.
Some clients want to own the website from Day 1, so they want to pay up front.

Some clients do not want to be bothered with weekly payments.

Many clients are more focused on what they can get back from their website than what the costs are.

A good website investment is worth more that you pay as it generates sales or leads, so it is oftewn added to the balance sheet as an asset rather than a cosst or a liability.

Note: A poor website simply loses you opportunities that might have with a good website. Therefore a low cost option, could cost you a lot more in the long run and generally does.