Wood Floor Fitter Donegal

Ken Lee a local Wood Floor Fitter with many years of experience, serving Donegal and Derry areas.



Wood Floor Fitter Donegal

“Thank you for everything you have done for me – very happy. As to why I went with Meanit , I had other options yes and maybe cheaper but to be honest once I met you that’s what sold it for me. You put me at ease straight away and had a good understanding of what I was looking for. So once again thank you ””

Ken Lee Wood Floor Fitter

The Client

Ken Lee a local Wood Floor Fitter with many years of experience, serving Donegal and Derry areas.

The Problem

Ken had no web presence, so all his work came from word of mouth. He wanted to add to that, by getting a simple website that would get found in Google search.

The Brief

Ken Lee asked for a simple starter website that would tell people that he is an experienced wood floor fitter in Donegal and Derry. Nothing complicated. Then add some of his photos of work done and ensure people could contact him with ease, especially on a mobile phone.

The Approach

This starter website is designed to be very clear about what Ken Lee does, as in he is a Wood Floor Fitter and where he does it, as in Donegal and Derry. The team at Wood Floor Fitter supplied the initial content and then trained up on how to manage the website. We wanted to produce a web presence that would generate the right type of leads and be easily managed by the Lee Family.

The Results for Ken

Ranking on Page 1 of search for many of the preferred key terms and loading fast, this site is working out so well for Ken. He is very happy with it. No frills, no fluff, just a good starter website for a wood floor fitter – simple.

The Results for MEANweb

This is a good example of a small, basic or starter website that is ranking well for the target terms in the geographic areas Ken wants to cover. 


January 2019




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