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What does a website cost?

woodfloor-fitter-website-design-DonegalThe most expensive website is the one that does not deliver any returns. Imagine you get a website for €500 or €995 and after three years you realise it delivered no results. Then you invest €5000 and within a year get €100,000 in sales. At that point you realise you lost out out on €300,000 of business income. Imagine how that would feel? It happens all the time in Dublin or Donegal, Derry or anywhere. The web is full of people promising to do cheap websites. They are cheap for a reason. If you want to avoid risk and still get an affordable website that actually works for you, check out the options below.


Pay As You Go Website Design

Afraid of investing thousands of €uros in a website and simply hoping it works out?  That is understandable. Why not rent one for now? Pay as you go, on a weekly basis, until you are happy with the web design agency and the site.

1. Starter Website expect about €1500 for the 5 pages done for you plus about €75 a page for good basic on page SEO to be done for you. Will you use a design theme or template or do you want a Graphic Designer to design a look for you ? If so, add in that cost of a few hundred euros. But you are still looking at about €2500 to €3500 if you want to include a Brief and Design and SEO. What does a website cost to rent ? Not sure what to do – why not Pay as You Go and get this option for €49 a week – see our Starter Website option HERE. No big risk for you, no big investment.
Ideal for a small business, start up or trades business. Ideal for Trades. NOT for retail.

2. Business Website CMS Content Management System expect about €3000 or €4000 investment for about 10 pages. And add in some good input from an experienced qualified Digital Business Consultant for a proper Brief, a plan or strategy. And add in on-page SEO to get found in Google. Getting your business online properly should include adding targets and setting up some metrics, to ensure that you get a good return on any investment. Add in any fees for design whether it is a low price theme of around €99 or a custom graphic design for about €700.
Prices in €s + VAT – €3000.00 to €5000 depending on modules required plus any customised design.
OR check out our Business Website option HERE for just €75 a week. No big risk for you, no big investment.

Ideal for Professional Services Businesses, Accountants, QFA, Architect, Builder, Engineer, Consultant etc. NOT for Retail or Enterprise eCommerce or Hospitality.

FAQs – about Pay as you Go website options

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions about our Pay as you Go websites option otherwise known as WAAS or ‘website as a service’ – click HERE.


DIY Website Option

3. DIY website expect about €1500 for 5 page web presence set up for you on say a WordPress open source platform – can you do the rest yourself ? Create and add the content, as in sized images and text ? Manage your own SEO Search Engine Optimisation to optimise your new site to get found in Google. And then do the Digital Marketing to attract visitors and convert them to customers. Invest a bit in a low cost design theme to make the site look good. (Without the SEO Search Engine Optimisation nobody will see your website at all)

NB: Ideal if you have little or no budget, but loads of time to invest and patience, learn to totally DIY a website yourself here. You can choose a hosting platform, install WordPress, Add a Design Theme, add a Page Builder and off you go. What does a website cost this way – it is the least investment in money terms and the most in your time. There is a steep learning curve, but if you have plenty of spare time, enjoy. Note: NOT for retail – try Shopify intead for a starter online shop.

Based in Letterkenny Co Donegal and Raheny Dublin 5 we have clients Nationwide as well as USA and Canada, UK and France. This is because we are a 100% Irish web design business with over 20 years, all employees are based in Ireland. For this reason we do not offshore any work on your website.